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Religion Watch is a newsletter published six times a year, monitoring trends in contemporary religion. For more than two decades we have covered the whole range of religions around the world, particularly looking at the unofficial dimensions of religious belief and behavior.

We do this through reading and summarizing articles from thousands of magazines, journals, newsletters, websites and books, as well as first-hand reporting, to keep you informed of long range developments on today's religious scene.

We invite you to read more about the newsletter or browse through a recent issue. Better yet, type in a topic, movement, group or trend in which you may be interested into our Trendfinder to get a better idea of the kinds of articles Religion Watch regularly features. (The Trendfinder is also available on every page in the upper corner on the right.)

Read Religion Watch's 2013 in review: our analysis of the events and developments that are likely to have long-range impact in the years ahead.

As of July 2013, Religion Watch is published by the Religion Newswriters Association.


What Are They Saying About Religion Watch?

"Many of my colleagues think I read everything. The truth is that the people editing Religion Watch read most of it for me. RW is the most valuable of all my subscriptions." -- Rodney Stark, Baylor University

"By far the most interesting and reliable publication of its kind." -- Robert Ellwood, University of Southern California

"I read your publication with interest...and it contributes in important ways to my own writing." -- Richard John Neuhaus, First Things magazine

"...packed with information vital for people watching new currents in American culture." -- Utne magazine.

"A superb report on breaking issues in religion before others even notice them." -- Clark Pinnock, McMaster Divinity College


Available online for free - December 2007:

Secular Humanism Beyond Progressive Secularism
An article by RW Editor Richard Cimino and Christopher Smith


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